Talk to her, don't leave her behind,
you shut her out for too long.
I know, cause I've seen her cry,
if you keep her down she'll get up and move on.

Wake up, its time,
open your eyes,
you've got to let her know.
Stop wasting time,
make up your mind,
love her or let her go.

Talk to her, you've done something wrong,
we've all got something to hide.
But don't turn your back for too long,
there'll always be somebody waiting in line.


I could be all that she wants,
got a heart, got a home, got a hand for her to hold.

Talk to her, there's something you'll find
with all this pain that you caused.
You'll be the loser this time
and I'll be the one with the girl that you lost.

Believe me, she's leaving.
Believe me, she's leaving.
Believe me, she's leaving
and I'll be the one, look what you lost.


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